Citizen Hunter: The Story of SA Hunters

From its humble beginnings in 1949, when 50 hunters met in a coffee shop in the Pretoria Zoo when there seemed no hope for the future of wildlife in South Africa, SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association has grown into the largest member-based hunting and conservation organization in Africa.

It strives to serve the interests of hunters, sport shooters and game ranchers by:

  • defending the rights of firearm owners
  • cultivating a culture of responsible hunting and firearm ownership
  • establishing viable shooting, hunting and conservation activities
  • bridging the divide between academics, politicians, and wildlife custodians
  • strengthening partnerships with allies, presenting a unified voice
  • encouraging community support projects ensuring civic integration
  • endorsing an integrated, sensible approach to biodiversity conservation
  • funding and conducting applied research
  • undertaking demonstrable conservation projects
  • supporting anti-poaching programs
  • promoting responsible wildlife management
  • partnering with rural communities and new entrants to ensure inclusive growth of the wildlife sector
  • repositioning the wildlife economy as a viable land use option
  • investing in youth programs to safeguard the legacy
  • reinforcing a positive public image of hunters and hunting

SA Hunters is an association that gives true meaning to the words citizen and hunter.

This is their story.