The Conservation Imperative Mission Statement.

The Conservation Imperative is an informal , unaffiliated organisation created for the purpose of promoting the philosophy of sustainable utilisation of wildlife in accordance with the IUCN’s sustainable use policy across the full spectrum of wildlife management practices.


Realising that…..

  • In many parts of Africa wildlife resources both in and without Protected Areas and are facing serious challenges from a combination of negative factors primarily competition for available habitat by human populations and commercial poaching …..

Acknowledging that….

  • traditional wildlife conservation policy founded on stringent  protectionist measures alone and reinforced by trade bans in combination with international attempts carried out over the past 37 years to reduce demand for certain wildlife products , are proving to be largely ineffective in the case of certain species such as rhino ….
  • evidence exists that such policies are unlikely to secure the level of protection necessary for the survival of economically valuable fauna and flora into the future and are proving to be unsustainable in terms of cost ……
  • certain southern African states, particularly South Africa , Namibia and Zimbabwe have demonstrated remarkable success in adopting progressive policies based on sustainable commercial utilisation of wildlife resources on private and on communal land and have contributed significantly to biodiversity conservation as a result….
  • these exceptional advances in biodiversity conservation have been achieved through mutually beneficial relationships between state authorities and private sector organisations …..

Recognises that……

  • a change in approach to provide a more inclusive, human -centred wildlife management philosophy that takes advantage of the full range of economically viable ,ethically based sustainable utilisation practices is urgently required……..
  • rural communities situated around formal protected areas and in other marginal areas should be able to benefit materially from sustainable utilisation programmes in partnership with the adjacent PA authorities and to participate in the rational utilisation of wildlife resources managed on a scientific basis……
  • the South African constitution makes specific provision for the sustainable utilisation of sovereign natural resources…..

pledges itself to…..

  • promote sustainable utilisation across all wildlife conservation sectors in accordance with scientifically and economically viable wildlife management models in areas set aside for the purpose outside the boundaries of formal protected areas in collaboration with the official authorities…..
  • support the humane intervention by management within non self regulating PA’s where wildlife populations exceed the limits of scientifically determined carrying capacity thereby posing a threat to irreplaceable biodiversity processes ……
  • assist the authorities in facilitating sustainable utilisation through necessary regulatory measures and policies that not only control commercial utilisation of wildlife but also promote ethical practices……
  • aligns itself with the aims of IUCN SULI ( Sustainable Utilisation and Livlihoods) sub body and all other organisations similarly disposed towards sustainable utilisation of wildlife ……
  • strive for the lifting of the CITES ban on trade in certain products and services and its replacement by a regulated trade based on professional standards of business devoid of corruption….
  • Promote international trade in ,and markets for, legal wildlife products and services both those derived from formal protected areas and from private wildlife owners……..

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