South African Butterflies, a Documentary.

South Africa’s Lepidopterist-extraordinaire, Clive Curtis, has just completed an epic documentary on butterflies.

KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa is one of the country’s richest areas in terms of butterfly diversity, while the greater Midlands itself boasts more than 200 species – which is amazing, as there are only 660 or so species across the whole of South Africa. For the past six years, Curtis (who studies moths and butterflies) has been hard at work on the country’s first ever comprehensive documentary on butterflies.

The documentary, entitled South African Butterflies, has the most exquisite footage imaginable, including some incredible close-ups of the rare Karkloof Blue.

“It’s not a field guide,” stresses Curtis, “and not something aimed at teaching people about species. It’s totally different from anything you’ve seen before, and fills a massive gap on the subject of butterflies.”

The 40-minute film is fascinating and explains the difference between moths and butterflies, looks at butterfly conservation and gives an overview of their lives.

Clive is an experienced filmmaker and safari guide (from South Africa to the Arctic) and has spent thousands of man hours in pursuit of the ultimate footage of butterflies. The research has taken him across the country, from KwaZulu-Natal to Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West right up to the Kalahari, Caprivi Strip and Luangwa Valley.

The one-man project has cost him a small fortune – although he’s had some support in the form of funding from the USA.

“It’s not about making a profit,” said Curtis. “It’s about spreading the word and knowledge of butterflies. They’re amazing things, there’s so much to learn, and they’re pretty cool insects.”

The documentary, South African Butterflies, is available on DVD, Blu Ray as well as High Definition USB Movie. For more information or to order the movie contact Clive directly via email at clive@safari-vision.comor visit his website